The Christmas Invasion / Deleted Scene

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"This is my costume. I’m a homicidal maniac, they look like everyone else."

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Oh, Is mommy collecting little pets already? 


How adorable~

I’m not a pet, and you’re not my ‘mommy’.

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Journal Entry 4 


Charlie actually hit me today after church. Ma lets me run around after service by myself. I think- I passed out during one point, got home late, got lectured by Ma. She asked about my face. I told her I ran into a tree and blacked out. 
I’m not allowed out of the yard again. 

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Journal Entry 3 

The class had to play rugby today, and I ended up tripping in the middle of the field. Charlie ‘accidentally’ kicked me in the ribs. I went home early because they had to call Ma and tell her about my blood being all spit up on the field.
We had ice on my ribs at first, but now I’ve got hot rags. 

I decided I don’t want to be Cornealius anymore.
It’s easy to hypnotize Ma and James into thinking I’m someone else. 


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Journal Entry 2 


Was I suppose to write the date in the last one? Oh well.
It took a while, but I found out where Patch is staying. I wrote him a letter, got enough change from the streets to see a special doctor. I feel a lot better now.
Charlie forced me under in the pool Friday afternoon. I can’t even bare to put my arm in the shower. I mustn’t get my head wet. I mustn’t… 


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“He wouldn’t play along. 
He just sat there staring into the darkness.”

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Journal Entry 1 

My hair’s just barely long enough to cover up my newest gash.
(Thanks to Charlie. Bastard.)
But yesterday I could hardly move. It takes a lot to convince Ma that you’re sick when you’re not.
It still hurts, and I think I’ve failed my maths test today. I didn’t show my work. Didn’t need to.

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